Shimmying up a sloping floor to level

Q: I have a sloping floor, from both edges to the center is 11/2 inches. It seems to be around the chimney but from the basement. The rafters seem tight and not sloping.

I was thinking of putting 4 adjustable jacks around the chimney and jacking the floor up slowly so not to crack the walls, or leave the jacks in place to stop the floor from sloping any more and using a filler to level the floor. Can you please tell me what I can do?

A: You could strip off the existing subfloor, exposing the joists. Put a level on each one, and shim or shave as needed. Then screw 3 /4 plywood over top.

Alternately, if you had a tongue and groove pine subfloor, you could use a leveling compound over it and then screw 1/2″ over top of that when it dries. Then you could install the floor of choice.

Old log house floor sloping

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: We are having a problem with floor joists on the second floor of an old log house. The beams will be exposed and then there’s a slope in the floor joists. Each end is chinked in with the logs, at least 3/4″-2″ is off, and we are not quite sure how to repair them so that the wood floor will be level and not sloping.

A: I don’t have any experience with log homes, but a joist is a joist. So, as I understand it, there is no room where the joist enters the log walls to lift the joists at one end. Is there already a finished floor installed? If not, you could either shave one end of the joists or shim the other, low end. Get out your level!

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