What glue to use for radiant heat

Q: What glue would I use to glue down an engineered hardwood over my concrete on grade floor that is radiant heated?

A: Use Bostik’s Best. Not sure, but I think their web site is www.bostik.com

Related Q: I would like to install electric radiant heat under a wood floor in my kitchen. I’ve been told I need to use glue for radiant heat, but no one can tell me what type that is. I’ve contacted Suntouch, who is a manufacturer of Electric Radiant heat, and they say to speak to the floor supply guys, and the floor supply guys say talk to glue manufacturers. Can you help me?

A: I don’t think the floor must be glued down. It is important to have the system running and the wood floor acclimated to it before installation. I think it is also specified not to let the temperature go above 85F. I have a file on that which I will include. I may have gotten this file from www.woodfloorsonline.com,
If so, it is appropriate that I credit them for the article.

As far as good adhesives, I would take a look at The polyurethane adhesives from Bostik Findlay, such as Bostiks Best.