Sanding an engineered floor

Q: If this happens to be an engineered wood floor, is there any problem with sanding and refinishing it? My understanding is that you can, but this type of floor can’t take this process as often as a solid wood floor.

Is that true?

A: Sanding an engineered floor? It depends how generous the manufacturer has been with the top veneer. ******** engineered has the thickest I have seen and can be sanded about as many times as a 3/4 thick solid floor. Others may be good for one or 2 sandings.

Is it possible or practical to refinish?

Related Q: We had a pre-finished hardwood floor installed in our kitchen about 15 years ago. Looked great with natural cherry cabinets. However, since then, the floor has faded considerably in exposed areas, but not under an area rug. Is it possible or practical to refinish? Are there other options, i.e. strip finish and paint as we have seen in some retail applications? Any other recommendations would be appreciated.

A: Prefinished floors are a big effort to sand and refinish but definitely doable. When you talk of stripping and painting are you referring to the floors or cherry cabinets? Don’t paint the floors. You can paint the cabinets but what a shame to hide cherry under the paint. The doors could be sent out to companies that dip them and refinish. Will make them look like new! Cupboards with all flat surfaces could probably be stripped and finished by yourself.

Is it possible to refinish engineered floors?

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I had one more follow up question. Is it possible to refinish engineered floors? My hardwood floors are about 15 years old and I would like to have them sanded down a bit to get rid of the imperfections and restained.

A: In many cases, you can sand an engineered floor once anyway, provided the sander uses great care. Mind you, the Mirage engineered could be sanded about 5 times due to the thickness of the hardwood veneer. I don’t know what your product is. Possibly Bruce or Torly’s. You should be good to go once.

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