Staining wood filler

Q: I am a first time home remodeler and have run into the problem of staining nail holes filled with wood putty. I have used the following products with poor results: ********** “Stainable” Wood Filler, ******* Wood Dough, and ********** Wood Filler. Regardless of sanding and multiple coats of stain the putty areas are clearly visible.

What suggestions do you recommend? By the way, is it possible to mix the putty with the stain that will be applied.

A: A wood filler such as that from Woodwise is a good product which takes the stain. There are also pre tinted putty mixes either in tubes or jars that work if you can find the right colour. I doubt you would get any stain to mix with such putty.

Similar Q: I am refinishing some pine wood floors to be stained a dark color. What type of wood filler do you recommend for staining wood filler… what should I use that will take the dark oil based stain and blend in color wise? Thanks!

A: There are a number of wood fillers available from wood flooring retailers which are easy to apply. They also come in versions for different species but since you are staining the floor I don’t think that will be an issue. The main thing to watch for is this, especially with larger gaps. The filler will settle in and shrink a bit so you will likely have to fill more than once. When it dries the filler gets a ‘skin’ on it which needs to be broken by sanding it off. If you don’t do this the stain won’t be able to penetrate the filler and make it as dark as you need. Final Touch, Dura Seal, Bona and Woodwise are all good wood fillers that work easily.

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