Finish peels off

Q: I am looking at refinishing a oak hardwood floor that has had a product called xxxxxxxx on it. I am wondering how I remove it without damaging the stain under it?

What would I use to refinish it after? There are a few spots where the finish has peeled of and there was duct tape put on it to hold down cardboard when the people moved out and the tape is taking the finish of also?

A: There is an obvious adhesion problem here. I have seen this happen with water based finishes but not oil based though that is possible too if the coatings were not properly prepared to receive another coat of finish. By that I mean not properly buffed to create a mechanical bond. Another problem with adhesion can be caused by oily or silicone type polishes or cleaners that will not allow adhesion between the coats of finish. The best I can suggest is you give the floor a really good screening with a polisher and 220 grit screen. Take off as much of the finish as you can without cutting into the stain. Apply the finish of your choice. If it does not stick, there is a problem in the base coat or just above it and the floor needs to be sanded to bare wood.