Water stains from houseplants

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Plant left water stains

Q: I have just moved into a house which is 55 years old. I have oak floors which have been sanded down but no protective coating on them. A large plant that I have has now left water stains on the oak and I am wondering how to remove the water stains.

What do you suggest?

A: It is quite likely the damaged boards will have to be replaced. I would suggest you have someone prepare this floor and apply several polyurethane coatings to it soon.

Plant leaked water with fertilizer and left a stain

Q: I have bamboo floors. A boxed potted plant that I brought in overnight leaked onto the floor. It probably had fertilizer in it. Now there is a faded stain on the floor. The boards aren’t swollen, just faded. How do I fix this? The leak was there less than 24 hours. Do I have to sand and match the stain, or is there a quick fix stain?

A: I would try cleaning it with an approved cleaner for floors finished with polyurethane.  Any retail outlet that sells the floors should also carry such a cleaner.  If that doesn’t restore the lustre, you may have to rub the affected boards down with fine abrasive and apply a coat of finish of the appropriate sheen.