Holes and minor gaps on plywood

Q: I just installed a T & G fir plywood floor in our barn and I’m looking for suggestions on what type of coating I should use to prevent slivers, seal the screw holes and minor gaps in the flooring.

We are using the floor for Rollerblading, badminton, basketball, etc. I was thinking of a rubberized color coating of some sort?

A: I am not familiar with rubberized colour coatings. You could simply varnish the plywood with multiple coats of such a product. I like Circa 1850 products, myself. www.circa1850.com.

As for gaps and screw holes, I have found a moisture cure, polyurethane adhesive at Home Depot from Pro Bond that does a very good job of filling large holes/gaps, sands off easily, flush with the work, won’t fall out and can be stained and finished. Maybe that would be a good and inexpensive option for you.