Floors look awful after DIY job

Q: I took my floors down to bare wood.. sanded, stained them dark, and poly-ed 5 coats of water based poly. Now a few months later, my dog has managed to scrape, and scratch the floor with everyday wear, so that now it looks AWFUL!

(Even though the dog gets his nails trimmed monthly at the groomer!)

How can I get rid of the scratches, and scrapes in the floor without re-doing it all over? I sanded, and filled with a like-stain filler, as well, as filled and poly-ed over, however nothing has worked. They look bad!

A: Did you follow the manufacturers directions for the finish in regard to coating methods, spread rate, dry times between coats etc? I ask, since applying 5 coats of water base right off the bat seems rather excessive, and I don’t know any professionals who would recommend such an approach. You method of application may have produced what is called a “tender coat”, since the coats beneath may not have been ready to receive additional applications.

I would try to give the floor a good screening with a polisher and 220 grit screen, then apply 2 more thin coats.