Vinegar and water to clean hardwood floors

Q: I read on your Q&A that you shouldn’t use oil / oily based cleaners on your hardwood floors. I knew that and I have been using vinegar and water for quite some time now but it doesn’t seem to have that great of an affect on the floors. They have little luster and therefore look dirty.

My parents aren’t in a big hurry to use any cleaning products on the floors however because the builder of the house told them that for our flooring you should use vinegar water only. Is there any way that I can keep the floors shiny without using a polyurethane cleaner?

A: Is there any reason you don’t want to use a real polyurethane cleaner?

A number of companies manufacture just such products, including ************-who are a world leader in environmentally friendly products and make an excellent concentrate for your floors, Squeaky Cleaner from Basic Coatings, and Dura Seal.

Any of these products are safe to use and do a great job of making the floor finish look it’s best, leaving no residue.