High heel dents hardwood floors

Q: My son had a party in his new home. His wood floors got scratched and dented by high heels in some areas. Is there an easy way to fix this? Would heat from a hair dryer lift the wood?

A: I honestly don’t believe the dreaded high heel marks will be removed by wetting the wood and applying heat. Depending how extensive the damage is, if it is confined to a few boards, perhaps just those boards could be hand scraped, sanded and finished.

Similar Q: How can you fix several dents from high heels on a hardwood floor?

A: If this is a factory finished floor, it would likely be easiest just to replace the damaged boards with the same product. For site finished, you would likely need to remove the finish from the board, exposing bare wood. Wet the spot and apply heat to try and pull the grain upward. I have heard this can work but have never tried it myself. Otherwise it will have to be sanded out completely and the board refinished. Sometimes a colour match wood filler an also hide marks like that, though not perfectly.

Related Q: I just noticed small pock marks in one area of the living room hard wood floor. They are not present in the rest of the home. What can cause this? High heel dents hardwood floors? Please advise. Thank you.

A: A big offender is high heel shoes with worn rubber cap. Someone could have had a small stone stuck in the treads of their shoes. A pointy chair leg or something momentarily stuck on the bottom of same. Anything along those lines will do it.

Related Q: Our maple hardwood floors have all kinds of small dents in them. My husband thinks it is from high heels. Is this because they are maple? Is there a way to get rid of these? There are so many that some people think we had them distressed.

A: These dents may indeed be from high heels. There is extreme pressure exerted when the weight of a human body is focused onto an area as small as the tip of a stiletto heel. It has nothing to do with the floor itself. They would have to be totally sanded to fresh wood to remove the dents.

Related Q: I live in Colorado. I have several (100ish) small 1/4 inch circles in my hardwood floor. What could cause this damage?

A: High heel shoes come to mind. Also, the bottom of a chair led which perhaps has nylon glides held on by a nail. Something like that.