Reviving shine in wax wood floors

Q: How do I revive the shine to my no wax wood floors? The floor in front of my bay window has faded. How can I bring the shine back? At one time I think I used some ammonia on the floors.

Could this have caused the shine to become dull? If so, how can I correct this?

A: You may try to clean the floors with a cleaner specifically designed to clean polyurethane finishes. Most of the hardwood manufacturers have their own versions of this type of cleaner, including ****************, Dura Seal, etc. Home Depot also has one called Zepp for cleaning polyurethane and I believe another is ********. Swiffer wets appear fine too as they claim not to leave any residue on the surface.

If none of this helps, you should have a floor refinisher come in, buff the existing finish and apply at least one more coat of fresh polyurethane.

Ammonia was not a good idea.