Basic floor maintenance

Q: How do I take care of my floor?

A: The most important things you can do to take care of your floors are:

  • Keep on top of the presence of grit by regular vacuuming.
  • Use mats at the entry way and in front of the stove or kitchen sink, if that is where the floor is installed.
  • Use felt tacs on furniture feet, such as chairs and tables.
  • Do not try to clean the polyurethane with oil soaps, pine oils or any other supermarket cleaner which could leave a residue on the finish.

While each manufacturer provides their own cleaners, I have seen one from Home Depot. Zepp for polyurethane finishes. I believe it comes in a concentrate that you mix in a spray bottle with a specified amount of water. Simply spray on a mop or one of these new micro fiber mops and wipe the floor. No residue is left, they clean off dirt well, and dry almost instantly.
I hope this helps.