Scratches on one floor, wax on another

Q: I have 2 questions. 1st) The hardwood floors in my home are 37 years old. The downstairs have been sanded and refinished with 3 coats of poly urethane. They are now starting to show some scratches.

How do I remedy? 2nd) The upstairs have never had anything done to them, except waxed about 20 years ago. They are in need of some work but not enough to sand and refinish. What do you recommend?

A: As long as the polyurethane coating has not been contaminated by cleaners that leave an oily or silicone residue, they can be lightly but thoroughly abraded with a fine abrasive and an additional coat of finish applied. For a waxed floor, Dura Seal has a great product called Renovator that will clean up the floor for a subsequent coat of wax. You should be able to get this product from your local hardwood flooring retailer.