Tile glue residue on hardwood floor

Q: I am removing the tile that was placed over hardwood in our home. It pries up very easily, however, the tile glue residue is still all over the hardwood floors.

The floor seems fine underneath, I just have to get the thin, blotchy layer of glue off. Is there ANY way I can do this without having to sand it off?

A: I have sanded a few of these myself. Not a fun job, and not something the homeowner should attempt. Trust me on this one.

I don’t know if a stripper would work or not. I would suggest you direct your question about that to *********, of Swing Paints, who make Circa 1850 products. Their web site is www.Circa1850.com.

Tile left a sticky glue on the wood floor

Similar Q: We moved into a house and one bedroom has some tiles glued to the floor. The floors are wood. We pulled up the tile, but it left a very sticky glue all over. Can we use cooking oil to remove the glue from the wood? Is there any other way, without spending money?

A: I don’t really know. I would try various solvents starting with mineral spirits, turpentine, denatured alcohol, etc.

Removing laminate floor tiles that had been glued down

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I’m in the process of removing laminate floor tiles that had been glued on oak hardwood floors in the dining room. Eventually, I’ll be getting the floors in the whole house sanded and refinished, but until then, is there an easy way to get the sticky glue residue off without harming the wood?

Or can I at least put something down that won’t be a problem come sanding time but will keep me from sticking every time I walk on it?

A: Since the adhesive is still sticky, I am assuming they did not use a mastic. Was this some sort of cheap peel and stick laminated floor? You ask such a hard question, I feel obliged to ask one of you in return. Why would anyone glue down such a floor over a solid oak floor that sounds like it is in good enough shape to be refinished? If I had to suggest something to lay on top of this mess so you can at least walk on it, and should not be a serious problem when sanding, I would suggest grey building paper, sold in rolls, probably 3 feet wide by 50 or 100 ft. long.

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