Removing glue from wood floor

Q: I recently had hardwood floors ( oak ) installed. During the installation one of the workmen had some glue stuck to his boot and left glue spots in 5 or 6 areas of the floor.

The glue is in spots and is not thick but is noticeable. Is there any product or suggestion you may have to assist us in removing the glue? Without removing the finish?

A: Is this just wood glue or carpenters glue? If it is water soluble, putting a few drops of warm water on the spot at letting it sit may soften it enough to remove.. I hope.

Similar Q: I just had hardwood floors installed in my condo. After the contractor came in to install the base board, I found that he left glue throughout the place. What can I use to remove the glue spots without damaging the wood?

A: It depends the type of adhesive. If it is simple wood glue, it may just pick off or soften if exposed to water. Polyurethane adhesive can be removed sometimes with mineral spirits and a lot of rubbing. Or if it is that sort of adhesive, Bostik has a urethane adhesive remover that dissolves the stuff.

Related Q: We discovered hard wood floors under our old laminate floor, probably 20-30 years old. There is a lot of the old backing and adhesive still on the wood. What is the best way to get it off without ruining the wood? They will have to be refinished.

A: If the hardwood floor is thick enough the adhesive may be sanded off. If it is a polyurethane adhesive, Bostik sells a remover that will dissolve it.