Touch up kit caused dull spots

Q: I recently bought a home with a hardwood floor. The floors are ******** and I bought a touch up kit that went along with the floors. After I used the touch up kit the polyurethane finish is dull (and of course it’s a conspicuous area). I cannot get the shine to match the rest of the floor.

Is there anything I can do?

A: I haven’t used their touch up kit. It has to be such as will match the gloss level of the existing floor. Likely a semi gloss or satin. Very few if any companies make a product with a gloss. Depending the shine you have, You could rub the boards affected with course steel wool to remove all shine (the entire boards, and make sure you rub it down thoroughly) and either apply with a cloth a wiping type of polyurethane such as Circa 1850, or if you have semi gloss, use the same procedure to prep, but this time by a small tin of Circa or equivalent semi gloss bowling alley polyurethane and apply a thin coat with a bristle brush.