Popping and clicking noises

Q: We’ve just purchased a house about 20 yrs old. The previous owners had just recently broadloomed throughout the 2nd floor and most of the main floor.

While we prefer wood floors, we had resolved that we will live with the carpet until it needs to be replaced and then go to wood.

Our problem is that when walking on the 2nd floor there is a loud popping or clicking (not really a creaking) which is audible on the main floor. While walking on it upstairs it is not very noticeable, but very noticeable downstairs.

We have arranged with the previous owners to have the new carpet pulled up in the 3 bedrooms upstairs to gain access for us to screw the subfloor (particle board?) down as tightly as possible, hoping that this will help the problem. The joists are 2/10.

Have you come across this problem before and do you think what we are proposing will help? Also what type of screws and how far apart would you recommend? We have scheduled this to be done on Fri the 25th (this week) with the carpet going back in on the 28th. We move in on April the 8th.

I am quite concerned about the noise, as we have a severely handicapped child who makes quite a bit of noise, and her room is one of the rooms in question.

A: With a chip board sub floor, it doesn’t surprise me. It doesn’t hold nails well at all, and that is likely what was used to hold it down. Screws should help. At least 2″ long, into the joists, 10″ apart, or as the doctor would say.. as needed.