Gap around perimeter of laminate floor

Q: I have some uneven gaps around the perimeter of my laminate flooring which I am installing myself. In some places, they are as big as 10 mm.

Can I cover them with Quarter rounds?

Also, about the underlayment; should the underlayment run under the baseboards or should it just be under the laminates? Is it OK if some area along the perimeter (say about 5 mm) does not have an underlayment?

A: I would think that the sub floor would run to at least near the walls, at least close enough that the baseboard and quarter round have something to sit on. I would suggest you get a piece of quarter round, 3/4″ and see if it will cover all gaps.

Comment: I came across your post for closing gaps in laminate flooring. I had this problem due to a settled foundation. I made the Floor Gap Fixer. It fuxes the problem without removing the baseboard. Just add glue to the joint and close it with the FGF. Check it out at

A: Very nice!

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