Removing boards damaged by termites

Q: I would like to know how to repair a hardwood floor that has been damaged in places by termites. The floor is over 40 years old and was covered by carpet until recently. There are only a few boards that appear to be damaged. Can individual boards be removed and replaced?

A: Sure, it is no big deal to remove boards from the middle of the room. A mallet and sharp chisel will do in the absence of more sophisticated equipment. When you cut the new boards to fit, you will need to break off the bottom edge of the groove side of the boards so you can drop them in place. Also, you can glue them rather than use nails. I found a terrific adhesive at Home Depot recently. It is in a small squeeze bottle, made by Pro Bond. It’s a moisture cure polyurethane adhesive that gives terrific bond and can even be sanded and stained.

Tough to know in your case how extensive the damage is. Termite usually eat the inside and leave a skin so that my the time you realize they have taken up residence, the damage is done.

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