Homemade reducers

Q: I bought what is considered an “exotic wood” prefinished 3″ Bolivian rosewood, a ***** product. How can I make my own transitions and specialty pieces such as the top stair. Can I make these myself from planks and refinish any sanded edges?

I think if I have to buy them, they might be special order if at all, which might be time and lots of money.

A: Beveled reducers can be made on a table saw easy enough. Mind you, if you are not experienced, it may cost you a few fingers or more. You have to set the blade angle at about 20 degrees and set up your fence, then run the board through on edge. As far as stair nosings, you really have to find one pre made, since your floor is not thick enough to make one. Or get a close match. What does the company say that manufactured this product? Do they not also carry transitions strips?

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