Repairing loosened bond between planks and concrete

Q: We recently put in new engineered oak flooring (5″planks) over a concrete slab and I have found a small area that doesn’t appear to have gotten a tight bond with the adhesive. Is there a way to repair this without pulling up large sections of the floor?

Are there methods to get more adhesive under the planks in the problem area and then weighing down the area until it bonds and cures?

A: This can happen easily enough. An unnoticed dip in the concrete or missing the spot with the floor roller is all it takes.

There are injectible adhesives you can get. Probably a urethane adhesive which will expand in the space once it starts to cure. I think bostik makes just such a product.

You may have to drill a small hole which can easily be filled with a coloured wood putty. I am sure this will work fine.

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