Installing hardwood in kitchen

Q: We are building a new house. I love the look of hardwood and would love to have it in the kitchen. The problem is we have three children and I’m afraid it won’t hold up in the kitchen area.

I’m also concerned about water damage. At this point I have requested ceramic tile in the kitchen but really want hardwood. The hang ups I have are durability and water damage? Help! What’s your opinion?

A: If you install a solid wood, 3/4 thick floor in your kitchen, and if it is finished well on site there should be no problem. Of course, if your dish washer floods the kitchen, the floor would be lost. Provided you wipe up spills in reasonable time, I don’t see an issue. For example, if a little child spilled over a drink, it is easy enough to wipe up. Hardwood will dent if you drop heavy objects on it. Ceramic may chip. If you are a wet mop type of person, ceramic is possibly your choice. With reasonable (not frantic) care, hardwood will work well too.

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