V Groove with dirt stuck in it

Q: We have prefinished maple flooring installed in kitchen, living room/dinning room, master bedroom and down the stairs. My question is the groove “v” in the boards end and sides are dirty.

How or what we can do to clean this? We have tried a small brush but still there. This is most noticeable in the kitchen.

We have always used a wood cleaner recommended by our flooring dealer vacuum and dust mop once a week and damp mop with this cleaner once or more often depending on usage. There are only two adults and two cats in house so very little traffic.

A: Have you tried a crevice tool with a vacuum? While these floors have their merits, I still try to steer people to go unfinished with square edges.

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  1. 3ecDear Maria:We have a medium/dark oak caetnbis from the 80’s in our kitchen. 2 years ago we cleaned, re-stained and re-varnished since my husband was afraid of painting them. He is now ready. We also changed the back-splash to 4″ square white tiles, and changed the counter tops to melamine, with a special edging that makes them look like corian in beige and white speckles. Our appliances are new, but white, and right now we do not have funds to change them to stainless steel.I am worried if I paint the caetnbis all white, walls are white and the extra Ikea caetnbis that are white on one wall, I will create a total white-out.(My appliances stay white). My floors are wood, not oak, like the rest of our house, but pine, narrow slats, and have that yellowish stain. How do I bring this kitchen into modern times? What color should I paint the caetnbis and what to do with the pine floors?Thank you,Susan

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