Orbital or drum sander

Q: I installed wide plank (3/4×10″) poplar T&G flooring in my cabin 4 years ago. I finished with three coats of water based **** polyurethane, (no stain). I am disappointed with the floor and plan on re-finishing it. It is dull and heavily marked in high traffic areas. I plan on staining then using oil based ****** gloss polyurethane as a finish. The question I have is this: What type of sanding machine do you suggest I use – orbital or drum?

I am nervous about using the drum sander due to it’s aggressiveness on this soft species of wood, however I can’t seem to get much info on the orbital sander and it’s recommended applications, (will the orbital machine remove all of the old polyurethane)? Also what final finishing grit would you recommend?

A: Never used one of those big orbital rental sanders, but have heard they do a decent job, though slower than a professional sanding machine, which you certainly would not have access to from a rental store. I don’t know why you would not call in a pro for this project, but if you insist on doing it yourself, you are far and away, better off with the orbital machine. I would finish with 100 grit.