Pet stains and hardwood flooring

Q: My husband and I are considering laying parquet flooring in our living room and removing the carpet b/c our dog cannot seem to stop staining the carpet. We feel hardwood would be better but after reading your website I see that pet stains are a problem with hardwood.

Is there a way that we can protect the wood after it is laid to prevent the urine from soaking into the wood in case we do not find it quickly?

A: Pet stains are a particular problem with older floors that had only been waxed. Polyurethane offers better protection, and in your situation, parquet may be the better choice, rather than long strip since it is less likely to develop any gaps from one small piece to the next. Therefore, the polyurethane finish is more likely to offer an unbroken seal of protection over the surface of the entire floor. I would suggest multiple coats. At least 5 to start.

Who am I to say, but unless your dog is elderly and ill, I would be investigating ways to train him so he did his business outside. I know it can be done. I also know that each pet has his or her own personality and they can become upset and stressed, just like us. I had gone through 2 weeks with my Boston terrier when my wife was away. She had never been apart from him, and he had never let me put him outside. We were doing pretty well by the end of the 2 weeks, though he still had “accidents” in the house. Now he lets me put him out. Progress!:)

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