Underpad / carpet padding stained hardwood floor

Q: We just removed carpeting in an old house we purchased and the hardwood floors look good, but the carpet padding stained hardwood floor. The underpad to the carpet was orange and it caused the floors to take on a darker tint.

Do I have to get them refinished or can I just clean with vinegar and water or some other hardwood floor cleaner?

I also noticed 2 areas where the original owner had work done because he had new vents put in for a more efficient furnace and that area has lighter wood. How can I fix that?

A: If the floors have a wax finish, you might try a product called Renovator, made by Dura Seal. However, I have seen under pad marks become part of a floor and not go away even with sanding. Hopefully, this will not be your experience.

Of course, you could always hire a professional to refinish these old floors, which in the end, may be the best approach. It would also take care of the patch that is a lighter colour.

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