Finishing pine stair treads

Q: I’m refinishing my pine stair treads in my late 1800’s house. I have rough sanded and am getting ready for finish sanding. Should I use anything as a sanding sealer? Most importantly, what finish coat/product should I use?

The treads are softwood so not sure urethane would be the way to go but I don’t know. I was told by the a local supplier to use Tung oil with urethane or Danish oil. Is this correct and if so, how many coats will be needed?

A: Just prepare the treads. Make sure they are smooth. Vacuum off the dust and brush on a thin coat of polyurethane. when dry, give them a light sanding by hand with fine abrasive. they will likely need 3 coats. I use Circa1850 Bowling Alley Polyurethane.

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