Small bubbles on coats of finish

Q: What can I do on the final coat to help decrease the bubbling? These bubbles are very tiny some are pin heads, smaller than pepper corns.

I am going to use a sanding screen on this last one, probably should have on the first coat instead of paper. Went through too many pieces.

A: Not sure what is going on here. If these were fish eye bubbles, I would suspect you have a breeze blowing across the floor and the finish is setting up too quickly.

If I give 2 coats and have the same problem with both, and am using the same batch of finish, I usually use a different finish for the third coat.

It is certainly possible there is something funky with the can of finish you are using. Good luck getting any help from the manufacturer.

I would buff the floor again with a 220 screen or maroon pad with 180 grit sanding strips. Wrap a damp towel around a push broom and give it the Zamboni wipe down after vacuuming. Make sure the floor is not wet before applying the coat. Make sure the finish is clean and the mop is clean. Close all windows in the room. No drafts for a couple of hours at least.

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