Laminate and wood filler

Q: How do you remove wood filler from laminated floors?

A: Wood filler from a laminate floor? That is a strange one. If the laminate floor is a good product, why is filler involved? At any rate, chances are that the filler is water soluble, and a rub with a damp cloth or damp very fine abrasive sponge might do the trick.

Related Q: We have laminate floors. They were installed correctly about 2.5 years ago, but there are some areas between the edges of the planks where there are small gaps. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? I saw filler can be used with hardwood floors, but am not sure if this would work with laminate. I know that cold/warm weather can make the gaps expand and contract, since these are known as “floating floors”.

A: I’m surprised a laminate has gaps. Was this a click joint type or the older style that has to have the tongue and groove glued together? Is this laminate or engineered, which has a real wood surface? I would suggest using a tube filler such as Color-Rite. It applies easily but dries like caulking.

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