Black spots on wood floor even after sanding

Q: We recently bought a house built in the 1920’s. We removed the carpet to find that there are black spots on wood floor; stains all over the hardwood floors. We have sanded the floors and the stains are still there.

How can we remove them without knowing what caused them?

A: Most likely these black spots “all over” your floors, are pet stains. It cannot be removed. Your choices are to stain the floors dark to try and camouflage the stains or remove and replace the floor.

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  1. my stainsare not urine related because that is the one room in the house where dogs are not allowed. 10 yrs ago I sanded most of the black spots out with a hand sander but they came back bigger tthan before. At age 86, I can no longer crawl around on my knees so am thinking about liquid sander. I have used it for other projects and was dissatisfied with the result. Many years ago I used lye to strip paint from an old table–it’s used daily and still looks good. What would happen is I did the saem with the black spots? Just wondering.

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