Carpet or plastic runners

Q: Do you have any suggestions for covering maple hardwood flooring on entrance stairs. We’re just about finished sanding them down and we don’t know how to protect them after they’ve been varnished. Carpet or plastic runners maybe? Continue reading Carpet or plastic runners

Finishing pine stair treads

Q: I’m refinishing my pine stair treads in my late 1800’s house. I have rough sanded and am getting ready for finish sanding. Should I use anything as a sanding sealer? Most importantly, what finish coat/product should I use? Continue reading Finishing pine stair treads

Removing stain from banisters, posts and nosing

Q: Hello, my wife and I recently stained our maple banisters, posts and nosing with a reddish stain. We don’t like it and would like to return it to it’s natural state. Continue reading Removing stain from banisters, posts and nosing