Removing dark stain

Q: We have select hard maple flooring from Canada throughout our new construction home as well as two sets of stairs that are also hard maple. Our flooring and stairs should have been sealed naturally; however, a dark stain was applied. After professional sanding, stain remained in all joints of where the flooring was put together. Continue reading Removing dark stain

Staining maple (or oak, ash, birch)

Q: We are ready to lay in a new entry way-kitchen-dining room wood floor. Today we were told not to go with unfinished maple because it can not be stained due to it being closed (close?) grain. What hardwood floors, other than oak, can we substitute for maple? Continue reading Staining maple (or oak, ash, birch)

Stain lighter around perimeter

Q: We recently had our pine hardwood floors sanded, stained, and poly’d. Along the perimeter of the walls (about 6 or 8″) or so, the stain is much lighter. There is a clearly seen demarcation. Continue reading Stain lighter around perimeter

Choosing light or dark stained floors

Q: I wanted really dark floors. Dark walnut. He said I wouldn’t like it and didn’t want to go that dark. I’ve always had light, natural floors, and wanted a complete change this time. Continue reading Choosing light or dark stained floors