Applying gloss before satin when finishing floor

Q: We have just sanded and stained our red oak wood flooring with ******** Quick Coat and now want to use 3 coats of ******** oil based poly as the finish. We want the final finish to be satin. Continue reading Applying gloss before satin when finishing floor

Gloss, semi or satin

Q: Polyurethane will be the final step for the hardwood floors in the house. We would like to have the satin finish like we have in the condo presently. So, is the polyurethane semi gloss the same thing as the satin finish? Continue reading Gloss, semi or satin

Coat over pre-finished floor

Q: I just put hardwood floors, pre-finished, into my new condo. I love the color and grain of the wood I chose, but it is not shiny enough. My floor installer told me that adding polyurethane will only make it shine for around a month. Continue reading Coat over pre-finished floor