Smelly refinished wood floors

Q: We moved into to new place a little over three months ago. The wood floors were refinished before we moved in. The day we moved in we noticed a strong odor that smelled like varnish. The odor was so strong that it made us sick. I experienced a rash, chest pains, cramps, and nausea. Continue reading Smelly refinished wood floors

“Tender coat”

Q: I am having multiple problems with my new hardwood floors. The floors are oak, natural poly finish. First off, My floors have scratched very easily despite waiting several weeks to walk on them, and using a vacuum made for hardwood floors. I have had other hardwood flooring installed in my home and never had this problem. Continue reading “Tender coat”

Polyurethane pulling away from floor

Q: We refinished our floors in September and they came out pretty nice. However, it is now January and all around the floor you can start to see separation between the polyurethane and each plank joint. Basically, the polyurethane is pulling away from the floor where each plank meets. Continue reading Polyurethane pulling away from floor