Danish oil

Q: We have put Danish oil on our 100+ old pine floor. My husband did not wipe off the excess oil, he thought it would dry. It did not. In places the floor is shiny and sticky but in other places the floor is beautiful and just the look we wanted. Continue reading Danish oil

Finish not drying after 5 days

Q: My floor installer put a second coat of polyurethane, one month after the first coat. It has been almost 5 days and it has not dried yet. It seems that the very top layer is dry, but when you try to step on it or push with a finger, it feels like wax and makes imprints. Continue reading Finish not drying after 5 days

White cloudy film in floors seams

Q: I recently bought a new house and have hardwood floors, three coats of polyurethane finish. There was some damage and the hardwood guy came back and had to do a repair and then recoated the whole floor again. There is now a white cloudy film in every single crack. Continue reading White cloudy film in floors seams

Wax product shelf life

Q: We had a very reputable flooring firm refinish our hardwood floors. I routinely wiped the floors with their cleaner. They used their own products. However, we are devastated with the end result. They put two coats of ***** ***** on the floors; they look mottled like the wax isn’t adhering in some places. I noticed that there product containers were covered with thick dust like they had been stored a long time. Continue reading Wax product shelf life

Refinished wood floors smell

Q: We moved into to new place a little over three months ago. The wood floors were refinished before we moved in. The day we moved in we noticed a strong odor that smelled like varnish. The odor was so strong that it made us sick. I experienced a rash, chest pains, cramps, and nausea. Continue reading Refinished wood floors smell