Floors look awful after DIY job

Q: I took my floors down to bare wood.. sanded, stained them dark, and poly-ed 5 coats of water based poly. Now a few months later, my dog has managed to scrape, and scratch the floor with everyday wear, so that now it looks AWFUL! Continue reading Floors look awful after DIY job

Orbital or drum sander

Q: I installed wide plank (3/4×10″) poplar T&G flooring in my cabin 4 years ago. I finished with three coats of water based **** polyurethane, (no stain). I am disappointed with the floor and plan on re-finishing it. It is dull and heavily marked in high traffic areas. I plan on staining then using oil based ****** gloss polyurethane as a finish. The question I have is this: What type of sanding machine do you suggest I use – orbital or drum? Continue reading Orbital or drum sander

Removing dark stain

Q: We have select hard maple flooring from Canada throughout our new construction home as well as two sets of stairs that are also hard maple. Our flooring and stairs should have been sealed naturally; however, a dark stain was applied. After professional sanding, stain remained in all joints of where the flooring was put together. Continue reading Removing dark stain