Coat over pre-finished floor

Q: I just put hardwood floors, pre-finished, into my new condo. I love the color and grain of the wood I chose, but it is not shiny enough. My floor installer told me that adding polyurethane will only make it shine for around a month. Continue reading Coat over pre-finished floor

Thin ridges up and down floors

Q: I just had my hundred year old oak floors sanded, stained and polyed by my contractor. He cut the floors, which are either 12″x12″ square parquet or 2″ long planks, with a rented belt sander and used a hand held edger. The floors looked normal once sanded, with some scratches here and there, but good for their age. Continue reading Thin ridges up and down floors

Finishes containing aluminum oxide

Q: How do you feel about the durability of water-based finishes containing aluminum oxide? my installer wants to use it, he says he will use 3 coats, or I stick with an oil based poly. The less fumes and recoat time is appealing to me. Continue reading Finishes containing aluminum oxide

Sanding floors

Q: I sanded my living floor over the last two days. Last night I scrubbed the floor to prepared for putting the finish on this morning. I woke up to a disaster. There are areas where the wood looks like it’s dotted in black. Also, a ring where the pail was. Continue reading Sanding floors