Touch up kit caused dull spots

Q: I recently bought a home with a hardwood floor. The floors are ******** and I bought a touch up kit that went along with the floors. After I used the touch up kit the polyurethane finish is dull (and of course it’s a conspicuous area). I cannot get the shine to match the rest of the floor. Continue reading Touch up kit caused dull spots

Removing boards damaged by termites

Q: I would like to know how to repair a hardwood floor that has been damaged in places by termites. The floor is over 40 years old and was covered by carpet until recently. There are only a few boards that appear to be damaged. Can individual boards be removed and replaced? Continue reading Removing boards damaged by termites

Pet urine stains

Q: We just purchased a home with hardwood floors throughout; however they all have dark brown stains. We do not know if it is from water damage or from pets; my husband think they are urine stains from the previous owners pets. We would love to keep the hardwood floors and are hoping that the stains can either be removed or be covered. Continue reading Pet urine stains

Stain lighter around perimeter

Q: We recently had our pine hardwood floors sanded, stained, and poly’d. Along the perimeter of the walls (about 6 or 8″) or so, the stain is much lighter. There is a clearly seen demarcation. Continue reading Stain lighter around perimeter

Repairing loosened bond between planks and concrete

Q: We recently put in new engineered oak flooring (5″planks) over a concrete slab and I have found a small area that doesn’t appear to have gotten a tight bond with the adhesive. Is there a way to repair this without pulling up large sections of the floor? Continue reading Repairing loosened bond between planks and concrete