Adhesive did not adhere

Q: I had 3/8″ oak hardwood floors installed over the solid concrete slab. The slab was not properly floated and there are areas the adhesive did not adhere to the slab or floor and there are also areas of deflection. Continue reading Adhesive did not adhere

Spikey nails in floor

Q: We have just bought an old house. When we removed the carpeting we discovered hardwood floors. However, each three foot strip of wood had at least three nails in them with heads, which means that we cannot sink the heads into the floor. Continue reading Spikey nails in floor

Repairing loosened bond between planks and concrete

Q: We recently put in new engineered oak flooring (5″planks) over a concrete slab and I have found a small area that doesn’t appear to have gotten a tight bond with the adhesive. Is there a way to repair this without pulling up large sections of the floor? Continue reading Repairing loosened bond between planks and concrete

Springy floorboards over concrete

Q: I installed an engineered bamboo floor. There are several areas of springy floorboards, where either there is unevenness in the concrete floor or the adhesive has dried out. The result is boards that are loose and springy. Continue reading Springy floorboards over concrete