Is there a way to fill in dips?

Q: I put down some 3/8 engineered flooring on a slab with glue. In the rush to get the job done within the time I had allowed, apparently two small dips in the slab were missed. Now there are two areas, about 10 square inches, where the floor is just floating over the glue. If you step on the area, the floor dips, adheres to the glue for a moment, and then pops back up. Continue reading Is there a way to fill in dips?

Glued down floor is popping and creaking

Q: Doing a remodel about 18 months ago, we installed bamboo flooring over concrete. Going with the advice of our contractor, we painted the floor with Kilz Primer then glued the bamboo directly to the concrete. We placed weight on the floor and let it dry overnight. Now it is popping and creaking in the areas that are most often walked on. Continue reading Glued down floor is popping and creaking

Popping and footstep noises

Q: My house makes noises. It’s coming from the upstairs area between the kitchen and the first room. The entire upstairs is wood floors. It makes 2 distinct noises, a stomp and a pop. Is it possible the noise is coming from the wooden floor? Because sometimes after the stomp a sound like footsteps occurs. Continue reading Popping and footstep noises

Floors popping after nearly 5 years

Q: My Shaw engineered floors have been down 4.5 years, and one area recently started to pop when walked on. It spread to 4 boards. Then there are two pops under my oriental rug. Then one board in the bathroom started, and finally an area of 3 or 4 boards in a hall. Continue reading Floors popping after nearly 5 years

Old floor popping sounds during the night

Q: I know that the question of wood floors making popping sounds during the night has been asked; however my white oak floors are original to the house built in 1948. I did have the floors refinished about 6-7 months ago with water-based finish and like the others, the popping only happens at night without anyone walking on them. I’ve had this house for 17 years and it’s never done this before. Do you think it’s still humidity related? I live in Southern CA so it’s pretty dry here. Continue reading Old floor popping sounds during the night

Hollow spot in floating floor

Q: I wondered if you could suggest a fix please, for our new kitchen. The original floor was concrete, and this had levelling compound put on top, a floor fitters request. All looked okay, but there is a hollow spot in floating floor (now it’s all fitted where it creaks when you step on it, you can see the wood dip when you apply weight). Obviously it’s a little hollow in that area. The floor is floating engineered wood, sitting on a moisture barrier/underlay. Continue reading Hollow spot in floating floor

Floor popping after refinishing

Q: Oh my goodness….. We just had carpet ripped up and prefinished ash laced in to an existing prefinished ash floor. The installer then sanded everything down and restained. I went to look at it tonight and every single step I take makes a very loud “popping” creaking sound. It sounds like the fourth of July! Interestingly enough, everywhere the original floors were made no discernible sound. Continue reading Floor popping after refinishing

Pilot holes through the sub-floor to stop creaking

Q: Our 3 year old 3/4″ maple hardwoods (nailed down with a nailer) are creaking all over and some boards actually feel loose. It was nailed down to OSB on top of I-joists. I’ve checked the sub-floor (our basement is un-finished) and it is secure to the joists. I have tried adjusting the humidity and that didn’t help. Continue reading Pilot holes through the sub-floor to stop creaking