Red oak to darken?

Q: We bought a newly built home that sat empty for five months. The builder had already installed unstained (but finished with one coat of oil based polyurethane) red oak floors in the living and dining room. We paid to have red oak floors added to the remaining rooms. The new floors that were just installed are at least 2 shades lighter than the five month old floors. Continue reading Red oak to darken?

Blending shiny spots

Q: My hardwood floors are coated with satin polyurethane. There was some latex paint on the surface and I used “Goof Off” paint remover to remove the paint. However, the areas I removed the paint are now a bit shiny and don’t blend in with the rest of the satin finish. Continue reading Blending shiny spots

Black nail holes and seams

Q: I just had new red oak floors installed. They were stained with a natural stain, and then the first coat of water-based urethane applied. When the floors were dry and we inspected them, we noticed an area where the nail holes have bled black, and the end seams are black as well. Continue reading Black nail holes and seams

Hydrogen Peroxide to remove black stains

Q: I recently removed 30 year old carpet from hardwood floors. I discovered some spots that were dark black (I am guessing pet stains). I applied hydrogen peroxide to them and after a few treatments, the black stains lifted and the wood was left white. Continue reading Hydrogen Peroxide to remove black stains

Sanding floors

Q: I sanded my living floor over the last two days. Last night I scrubbed the floor to prepared for putting the finish on this morning. I woke up to a disaster. There are areas where the wood looks like it’s dotted in black. Also, a ring where the pail was. Continue reading Sanding floors

Stain lighter around perimeter

Q: We recently had our pine hardwood floors sanded, stained, and poly’d. Along the perimeter of the walls (about 6 or 8″) or so, the stain is much lighter. There is a clearly seen demarcation. Continue reading Stain lighter around perimeter

Dark lines through middle of floor

Q: I have just had my upstairs pine floors professionally refinished after removing carpet. Afterwards, there were think blackish lines through the middle of the floor. The refinisher said that this was due to the floor being cut when the carpet was installed and it cannot be sanded any further. Continue reading Dark lines through middle of floor

Underpad / carpet padding stained hardwood floor

Q: We just removed carpeting in an old house we purchased and the hardwood floors look good, but the carpet padding stained hardwood floor. The underpad to the carpet was orange and it caused the floors to take on a darker tint. Continue reading Underpad / carpet padding stained hardwood floor