Floor might level itself out

Q: Providing I cut back the flooring along the walls and address the moisture issue once I determine it (as you assumed the crawl space has a dirt surface and there was no intentional source built into the crawl space for cross ventilation from what I can determine) will the cupping that has already occurred level itself back out or will I have to level it manually (i.e.- sanding)? Continue reading Floor might level itself out

Floor slowly cupped

Q: Dear Woodfloor Guy, Due to severe damage in my house, I recently had new oak floors installed on the second floor of my home I live in a hi-ranch in NY. My problem is since the installation 5 months ago I have had many large sections or areas of the second floor that have cupped. Continue reading Floor slowly cupped

Plumbing leaks and buckling floors

Q: We just moved in our house 8 weeks ago and have already had 2 plumbing leaks which have resulted in buckling our brand new solid hardwood floors. I have talked to my installer of the floors and he said it would take 3 to 4 months to completely dry out and with time they would go down. Continue reading Plumbing leaks and buckling floors

Installers error or not

Q: I bought an older house and decided to have wood flooring installed in the sunken living room (on concrete slab). Before installing the flooring my contractor said there was a spot that was not level, he charged me $400.00 to level the spot before he would install the wood flooring (not laminate). Continue reading Installers error or not

Tighten cupped boards

Q: Hi, we are placing a used 3/4″ clear southern yellow pine tongue and groove floor down. It was actually used on a wall and we are putting it on our floor. It has been impossible to line all the previous nail holes with the joists or even with each other – I finally gave up on that. There are several widths from 5 1/4″ to 14″. It is in great shape except there is a little cupping here and there. Continue reading Tighten cupped boards