Hardwood floors in bath and laundry rooms

Q: We are currently remodeling our home and plan on putting wood flooring in both our master bath as well as our laundry room. I know wood floors are generally not recommended for these areas because of water, moisture, etc. However, we are unable to be perfectly happy with any other flooring. Is there any particular species that would be able to hold up better than the others? Continue reading Hardwood floors in bath and laundry rooms

Bare micro-bevels

Q: We have recently done a DIY hardwood floor installation using a pre-finished birch product purchased from a major home improvement retailer. This material has micro-bevels, but we noticed during installation that it appears the finish which was applied to the top surface of the strips does not extend down the bevels, i.e.. the bevels are stained, but not actually finished. Continue reading Bare micro-bevels

Removing glued down laminate flooring

Q: I’m into a project removing glued down laminate flooring. How do I remove cheap, laminate, wood flooring from my foyer and hall way? It is glued down rather randomly throughout the space and is extremely difficult to tear out. Is their a product that will remove the glue and make this job a bit easier? Continue reading Removing glued down laminate flooring

Lengthways not perpendicular

Q: The problem I have is the room that I want to lay the hardwood down is long- about 40 feet and about 15 feet wide. The floor joist run parallel to the length of the room and I would like to lay the hardwood lengthwise not perpendicular to the joist. I keep hearing that its better to lay the floor perpendicular across the floor joist to provide stability. Continue reading Lengthways not perpendicular

Choosing the right kind of bullnose

Q: We have recently installed laminate on our main floor. We are at a standstill however, as we are not sure what to do with the bullnose. Our stairs leading to the basement are carpeted, but I do not know if I have the right kind of bullnose. Continue reading Choosing the right kind of bullnose