Slanting wood floor

Q: My living room is about 12′ x 13′ with a slanting wood floor that varies over an inch from one side of the room to the next. Is there anyway of leveling this without destroying my downstairs neighbors ceiling and without spending gobs of money? I am also interested in laying down some sort of soundproofing underlayment such as cork which I would then top with a glueless wood flooring. Is all of this too heavy and too difficult for such an old building apartment? Continue reading Slanting wood floor

Install hardwood in basement

Q: I would like to install hardwood in my basement. I understand the moisture problems with basements, is there not a product out there that would seal the cement making it water proof? I was thinking of an epoxy paint, like the one they use on garage floors. Continue reading Install hardwood in basement

How to nail trim

Q: I have done a few floors for friends and relatives and have always finished off the last few rows that you can’t get to with the nailer, by hand with finishing nails, hammer and punch. This is very laborious and time consuming. I’m about to lay about 2000 square feet for myself and would like to know what the pros use to do this job. Continue reading How to nail trim

Height transitions

Q: I will be installing 3/4″ flooring onto slab. The wood flooring will abut another room that has tile. The 3/4″ CDX subfloor, and papers, will roughly create a difference 1 inch to 1 1/4 inches higher than my tile. What kind of transition techniques do you recommend? Continue reading Height transitions

Wood delivered, house freezing

Q: I just bought the house yesterday and had the wood delivered right after the closing, oak, 3.25″. Somehow I haven’t activated my account with the gas company, so the heat has been off just right after wood was brought into the house. Continue reading Wood delivered, house freezing

Glued laminate removal

Q: We have a 20 X 20 section of 1/4 inch wood laminate flooring. We are trying to remove the entire area to put down new floors in our home. We are having a difficult time removing the flooring as it is a click in place and it has been glued to a particle underlayment. Is there something that can be used to heat the glue to make the removal easier? Continue reading Glued laminate removal