Shiny spots from rubbing?

Q: How can I minimize the shiny marks on my satin finish oak dining room table, caused by being rubbed with a cloth during cleaning? It looks terrible when the sun shines on it.

A: In my experience you can’t make a satin finish shiny by rubbing it.

It is more likely there is contamination on the finish making it look more dull and the rubbed spots have removed that.

It could be furniture polish, oil soaps. Even some mopping products which contain wax will leave contamination. I would suggest you get a cleaner from your local hardwood dealer, meant to be used on polyurethane finishes.

Floor slants 4′ due to failed supporting beam

Q: I’m trying to sell the 107 year old house of a family member. It has a failed supporting beam over dirt (no basement). The living room floor slants 4′, which has turned multiple buyers off. I’m afraid to have the house jacked up due to age and potential resulting problems. Is there any way I could have a new floor put in on a shim system to level it? Or should I just have the house torn down for the lot?

A: Best advice I can give you is to research and have a good home inspector come and look over the place. If they know their stuff, they have a broad range of training and should be able to give you the best advice on this.

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White oak cabinets cannot be stained a really dark brown color?

Q: I am building a house and my painter says that my white oak cabinets cannot be stained a really dark brown color. I am not wanting any red, just maybe an espresso type color. He says the ONLY way to get them close to the color that I am wanting is to use a new alcohol stain. Is this true?

A: What a strange thing to say. I’ve stained quarter sawn white oak floors very dark brown with no issues using an oil stain. I would suggest water popping prior to staining. What this means is to fully prepare, sand the cabinets, clean them of dust and wipe all the wood down with a wet cloth, just enough to wet the entire surface. Don’t miss any spots. This will open the grain and achieve a darker colour with one application. Let the water dry and apply stain. Let it sit for 5 minutes and wipe it off. When dry, apply several finish coats of your choice.

Wall color effect on floor color

Q: Dark brown real hardwood flooring with a red hue by a painted wall with a red hue will make the flooring the brown color?

Dark brown real hardwood flooring with a brown hue by a painted wall with a brown hue will make the flooring a red hue?

A: This one gave me a chuckle at least. I doubt I’ve ever been in this exact scenario to know. I have seen some pastel colours (white, pink, gray) reflect a wall colour but not a dark floor.

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Making a hardwood platform for a rolling chair at a desk

Q: I want to make a mat for a rolling chair at a desk. I thought about using 3/4 inch MDF and gluing wood flooring on it. The room has shag carpet and I can not remove the carpet. What do you think?

A: Why not just buy a plastic sheet?

If you wanted to make a hardwood platform, I would suggest plywood as the base rather than MDF. You can buy plywood either rough or smooth on one or both sides. Then you could not only glue it, but also use some small nails also to give it better hold.

How to Clean Your A/C / Air Conditioner Condenser Unit – A clean air conditioner saves $!

A New Feature at WFG!

When I (the webmaster) see a good tip regarding home maintenance, like the following one about cleaning your air conditioner, I will pass it along under the new Home Owner Tips category. While O/T, it’s good information and obviously our broader audience is “home owners”, not just wood floor owners.

I saw a pin floating around Pinterest with this commentary (edited for clarity) “‘My husband owned his own A/C business for a very long time… he said the instructions (at the following link) show the proper way to clean your unit, to do it yourself. Cleaning your A/C will make certain the unit is not working harder than it needs to be working, and you will save a lot of money by not paying the A/C company to rescue your unit, and by lowering your energy bills since your air conditioner won’t be chugging along so hard!’ (And added on by another Pinner…) Our electric bill rose to $430 two years ago and a simple A/C cleaning lowered it to $150. A clean air conditioner will save you money!”

Here is the link:

“Annual central air conditioner maintenance saves you money by increasing its efficiency and preventing breakdowns. You can complete the chore in an hour.”

via Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit – Step by Step | The Family Handyman.

When we lived in the big city, our electricity bill was sky high. Partly because one of those door-to-door energy companies scammed us, but I now wonder if a huge chunk of the summer bill was our A/C. It was not only old, it hadn’t been well maintained at all. I’m a little annoyed a bit of dirt might have cost us thousands over the years!