Gym floor logo paint peeling off

Q: We recently had our gym floor sanded, repainted and sealed in October of last year. The paint is coming off the lettering and gym floor logo. The company changed from oil based to water based. Why is the paint peeling off the floor?

A: I suggest you contact Poloplaz because they make court finishes and game line paint. They may be able to make some informed suggestions.

Gym Floor Maintenance

Temperature & Humidity

Temperature should be kept between 70 – 80°F. Humidity level should be kept between 35% – 55% to insure minimal wood movement.

Routine Cleaning

Dry mop the floor daily to eliminate buildup of dust. As needed, tack floor with PoloPlaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner to remove perspiration, oils, spills, and residue from foot traffic. Do not use dust mop treatments or floor cleaners that contain wax, paraffin, silicone, and mineral oil. Do not use pre-treated dust mops. Use of these products can cause adhesion problems when recoating the floor.

Dirt, sand, and grit will dull and accelerate the wear of the finish. Removing any sand or grit will extend the life of the floor. Place floor mats or rugs at all entryways, bathroom exits, or other high traffic areas to remove excessive dirt or moisture. Spills or liquids on the floor should be wiped up immediately.

Power Scrubbers

Never use power scrubbers or automatic floor cleaning machines that disperse water on the floor (especially water under pressure). The use
of scrubber machines will void the warranty on your floor. Power scrubbers were designed for other surfaces such as terrazzo and vinyl floors. The chemicals typically used in these machines are too aggressive for wood and finishes. Even the softest brushes will scratch and dull the finish. The machine’s liquid and scrubbing action can cup the floor, and pull paint and finish from the wood.

Floor Covers and Mats

Gym floor covers should never be used on a freshly finished floor until at least three weeks after the last coat of finish has been applied. For complete curing, the finish surface must be exposed to oxygen in the ambient air. Covering the floor during this process would deny the finish of oxygen needed to complete the reaction. This may result in a partially cured coating with poor physical properties.

Also, it is imperative that the floor be cleaned before the cover is laid. Otherwise, any grit or dust on the floor will mar the floor when the cover is walked on or when any loads are moved on the floor. Covers should not be taped to the floors. The adhesive in most tapes will attack the finish and result in delamination.

Reprinted at Wood Flooring Guy with permission from Bill (National Sales Manager) at PoloPlaz ( Visit their site for more information.

Gym Floor Cleaners

Poloplaz recommends using the Hardwood Floor Cleaner on a daily basis. Spray your untreated dust mop on every lap of the gym. The Hardwood Floor Cleaner comes in quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon pails. Quarts are $5.20 each and comes six per case. Gallons retails for $16.90 per gallon and comes 4 gallons per case. A 5 gallon pail is $81.25.

Tie Tack is a more concentrated deep cleaner. You should use Tie Tack once every week. We recommend you dilute Tie Tack 3 to 1 with water. Submerge a clean towel in the bucket, wring it out, wrap the towel around a push broom, and tack the floor. Do not place dirty towel in clean solution. Use at least three towels per gym. Tie Tack is a waterbase cleaner so the towels can be washed in a standard clothes washer. Tie tack only comes in a 5 gallon pail. It retails for $89.70.

Reprinted at Wood Flooring Guy with permission from Bill (National Sales Manager) at PoloPlaz ( Visit their site for more information.

Tacky gym floor

Q: We have a gym floor that we refinish (oil based product) every year around Christmas. We are having troubles with it being very slick right now (basketball games and practice for a month and a half before we can re-finish). We have cleaned several times with a very fine scrubber (very low abrasive) but it really doesn’t help too much. We try cleaners that are not to leave a residue and also used wet towels on dry-mops. Nothing is working. My question is, is there a product that we could add to something that would restore the tackiness? It can actually be quite dangerous.

A: It sounds like you may have some type of contamination on the surface of the finish. It could be something as simple as oils from a persons skin. Best cleaner I am aware of for surface coats is Bona Pacific floor cleaner, made by Bona Kemi.

Related Q: We have just had a new wood floor installed in our gymnasium. Is the Poloplaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner the best product for my staff to be using on it?

A: Sure. I think they are all very similar products, those from Bona, Mirage, Basic Coatings and Poloplaz. A five gallon pail is fairly inexpensive.