Wood delivered, house freezing

Q: I just bought the house yesterday and had the wood delivered right after the closing, oak, 3.25″. Somehow I haven’t activated my account with the gas company, so the heat has been off just right after wood was brought into the house. Continue reading Wood delivered, house freezing

Floor slowly cupped

Q: Dear Woodfloor Guy, Due to severe damage in my house, I recently had new oak floors installed on the second floor of my home I live in a hi-ranch in NY. My problem is since the installation 5 months ago I have had many large sections or areas of the second floor that have cupped. Continue reading Floor slowly cupped

Plumbing leaks and buckling floors

Q: We just moved in our house 8 weeks ago and have already had 2 plumbing leaks which have resulted in buckling our brand new solid hardwood floors. I have talked to my installer of the floors and he said it would take 3 to 4 months to completely dry out and with time they would go down. Continue reading Plumbing leaks and buckling floors

Gaps in wood floor over the winter

A: We moved into our new house last fall. Over the winter our floors started gapping. I contacted the home builder and he talked with the flooring guys and they said it was due to low humidity in the home. I installed a humidifier but by then the cold weather was almost over. I also bought a humidity gauge and it reads over 40% most of the time. Continue reading Gaps in wood floor over the winter

Buckled wood floors and humidity

Q: I laid a oak tongue and groove floor in winter on two layers of plywood. The humidity in the rooms was a bit low but last summer, when the humidity increased the flooring buckled up. Can this be because I didn’t leave enough gaps in-between the plywood sheeting underneath. Continue reading Buckled wood floors and humidity