Chatter marks twice on same floor

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Q: I work for a well known floor company. They gave me a 1000 sq ft sand, stain and finish on a new install. I cut the floor with 40 grit, then 80, and then screened with 120. After staining there were chatter in the floor, so I went and had my machine hauled over roller bearings, belts, went to the job cut the floor again. There’s still chatter, not as bad, but still chatter.

The customer is not real happy needless to say.. Any suggestions on why this happened twice on same floor? I’ve been doing this for 5 plus years and have never run into this problem.

A: If you get chatter or especially ‘the wave’ the next time you sand, the initial sanding needs to be on a bit of an angle to flatten the floor. Otherwise, your sander drum and abrasive will simply follow the existing contour of the floor and likely make those marks even worse.

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