Is smelly polyurethane sealant toxic?

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Q: My husband applied a polyurethane sealant around the windows. We have a 16 month old son. I never noticed the smell in his room, but the next morning I noticed it. We had already slept in the house. I stayed the next four nights out of the house with him. However, I continue to smell the polyurethane around the windows and in one room.

The warning label specifically states four outdoor use only and it was only used outdoors but I’m afraid of the slight fumes that seeped through the windows. Have I endangered my child?

A: Unless he was having trouble breathing, coughing, red/burning eyes I would think the exposure to him, if any, has had no bad effect. Most labels that I’ve read involve dangers of long term, over-exposure to the solvents, such as one may suffer who works with it every day.

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