Water damage from Flower pots and Christmas trees

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Q: I cleaned up my Christmas tree today and discovered that there is a discoloured circle where my Christmas tree was sitting. Any ideas on if it’s possible to repair this with wax, stain or something else?

A: What is your floor finished with? And is it stained a darker colour than ‘natural’? A wax finish will leave a white mark from spills. If this is the case you can try wiping the spot with some alcohol. Use very fine steel wool if needed. Tinted wax can also be used.

We had a flower pot in the dinning room, had a rug over our hard wood floor. When I picked the rug up I discovered some of the floor has darkened.

A: Sounds like this has happened over a long period of time to cause water damage like this. You will likely have to replace the damaged boards to make this spot go away.

Similar Q: Can spilling a glass of water on a hardwood floor, yet wiping it up within 5 minutes, cause the floor to crack?

A: I don’t know what you mean by crack, and I assume this floor has some sort of finish on it. I would consider this event insignificant.

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