Will painted lines on a salvaged gym floor come off easily with sanding?

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Q: I bought old, damp (kept in carport) gym floor maple. I want to refinish it. Will the painted lines come off easily with sanding? Is drying it indoors a few weeks enough?

What other problems should I be concerned about? I need to save money by doing it myself or using a hand man.

A: The only way you can really know for sure if the floor has been brought into the house for a couple of weeks and has acceptable moisture content is by getting your hands on a moisture meter. They come in models with or without pins. You should be looking for readings of about 7-9%. You will also need to make sure the sub floor is within 4% of the flooring and that the humidity in the house is at an RH that is considered your typical year round living condition.

The paint should sand off OK (be careful of lead) but whether it will leave a discolouration because the wood beneath has been sheltered from sun light I don’t know. You will just have to roll the dice and go for it, accepting that this is reclaimed wood and any marks it has are part of the woods character.

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