How to Donate / Tip Wood Flooring Guy (via Paypal)

Q: I’ve been sanding floors for over 20 years. I’ve enjoyed this site and it has been great picking up small tips and knowing that there are others that can back me up on issues. Could you please add a donate button to your homepage?

A: Thanks, and here you go:

One thought on “How to Donate / Tip Wood Flooring Guy (via Paypal)”

  1. you are doing a wonderful job! U are acatully inspiring me to maybe start on some of the remodeling work done on my own house.. we weren’t going to do any of that cosmetic type stuff b/c we were going to move, but since it seems we will be here a while, then I may go ahead and do some..Sorry no takers on the bathroom – perhaps I can find someone to do mine .. that I have been avoiding like the plague. love the snowflakes – I did one into a biscornu.

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